Our Partnerships

Galwyn Ag is working in partnership with Portals Pharmaceuticals Inc USA, Portals provides commercial and distribution operations for companies seeking to access emerging regional markets

Galwyn Ag in partnership with Pharma Regulatory Services (PRS) Inc based in NJ USA is helping pharmaceutical and medical products companies significantly increase the returns on their R&D and marketing investments progressing specialty research and development assets in pursuit of outcomes that are valued by patients, physicians, regulators and payers.

Galwyn Ag is a partner of Sofmat Ltd, UK a company dedicated to the development and application of covert micro and nano scale features on the surfaces of both product and packaging using methods which are cost effective and compatible with a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

This expertise has led to the development of a range of technological solutions for protecting products using techniques which can be applied to any surface.

Examples of such applications include;

  • High value added consumer goods
  • Food packaging
  • Bottles
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace parts
  • Defence

Galwyn Ag  acts as an agent on behalf of Oxyamco Ltd. Oxyamco is a super lean specialist outdoor product development and sourcing operation, main customers are in Europe with subcontracted quality assured manufacturing facilities in mainland China. Our experienced staff in Hong Kong directly manage all aspects of client orders to ensure timely quality cost efficient delivery of the products.